How do I import or restore all my data into my Exchange mailbox?

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posted this on March 21, 2011, 10:05

Importing or restoring data from your backup is not very complicated, but it is a multi-step process and can be time consuming. Use this procedure to restore lost or permanently deleted email, contacts, or calendar items. Also, use this procedure as the second part of migrating your email from one mailbox to another.

Note:We offer VIP Services for those who would rather not follow the steps below themselves, and we will perform the migration for you.


Here are the steps to follow:



1.  In Outlook 2010, while you have your old mailbox open, click the File tab (Microsoft calls this "backstage").



2. In the Backstage, click Open.



3. On the Open page, click Import.



4. This opens the Import and Export Wizard. Click Import from another program or file.



5. Click Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next (you may have to scroll down to find it).



6. Find your PST backup file by clicking Browse. Choose Do not import duplicates (especially if there is already email in your mailbox). Then click Next.



7. Make sure to choose the top level of the folder to import. This will probably be called Personal Folders, or something like that. Make sure the "Include subfolders" box is checked. Make sure the "Import items into the same folder in:" is checked. Your top level of your current mailbox should be selected just below it. Click Finish.



8. The import begin and take "as long as it takes" to complete. When it is done, all your email, contacts, calendars, and tasks will be in your new email box. It will take some time beyond this for that data to sync up to the Exchange server (and then you should start seeing it on your mobile device and/or other connected Outlooks).



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